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We raised over $500,000 Jan 20th!

We are thrilled to share that on January 20th our Take Back the Ball event in San Francisco raised over $500,000 for three incredible rapid response funds!

As Kaitlyn Krieger shared in her opening toast, “Today is not the day of the inauguration: it’s the day where we take back the ball; it’s the start of the resistance.”

THANK YOU to our 500+ guests who rallied with us to turn this day of mourning into a celebration of solidarity – and moment for action! We invite everyone to join us in our on-going efforts to support social justice and consider giving to the Emergent Fund, a vehicle that is open to all! If you have friends or family who want to take action, but aren’t sure what to do, let them know that they can support organizations that are on the ground, resisting the new administration right now by visiting:

Take Back the Ball Photo Recap 1Take Back the Ball Photo Recap 1Take Back the Ball Photo Recap 1

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