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Our Movement R&D application process opens in two weeks!

Dear friends,

Solidaire’s Movement Research & Development (R&D) 2017 Winter Cycle grant application process will be opening in two weeks!

The Movement R&D Fund is intended to convey an openness to taking risks by supporting movement leaders to explore, iterate, and test new ideas and tactics with flexible funding that doesn’t require specific answers, deliverables or outcomes. This approach is based on our core principle of following the lead of those on the front lines of social change. The granting decisions are made by a cross-class group of four Solidaire members and six leaders from across a wide range of social movements.

We wanted to give you key dates to keep in mind so that you are aware of how the Movement R&D process will unfold. We encourage you to follow our Facebook page for frequent updates right in your newsfeed.













In preparation for the release of our RFP (request for proposals) on September 12th, and noting that we will only be accepting applications for a one month period, you may want to begin thinking about the following if you intend to apply:

  • What project or aspect of your work you will highlight in the proposal
  • What impact your work will have
  • How your community’s leadership is crucial to this work
  • The financial need you have to fund your work
  • Gathering your budget and finance statements

It is also important to know that we are aiming to have a simple, short and streamlined application.

You can find a list of our past Movement R&D grantees on our website. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Program Director, Janis, at [email protected]. Thank you for the valuable work that you do!

The Solidaire Team

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