Help us find our next ED!

November 17, 2017News & Updates

Dear Friends, 
I’m writing today to let you know that in the spring of 2018, I will be stepping down from the role of Executive Director, and we are excited to ask for your help as we begin a search for a new ED who will take Solidaire into its next phase!

It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to get to be a part of building the Solidaire community over the past five years and I am looking forward to continuing to be deeply involved in new ways. Solidaire has been my passion, my home, and a source of deep learning and growth. It has been a privilege to get to shepherd an idea into a reality and to witness all that we have done together. I am thrilled about how far we have come and even more excited about what this community will accomplish in the years ahead.

To date, we have created a number of robust programs: a pooled fund which has become a dynamic experiment in movement-led grantmaking; our Aligned Giving Strategy, through which we launched a campaign to support the Movement for Black Lives, raising more than $7M to be contributed over five years with plans to continue to develop and increase that commitment; and our rapid response work which increases every quarter, and hit over $1.5M so far this year. This year we also launched a number of new projects that were responsive to the moment: the Emergent Fund moved over $1M in the first hundred days of the new administration; the JustFund Portal has created a way for foundations and other donors to resource movement organizations through a collaborative online vehicle; and we have a political strategy in the works called Way to Win, which is focused on supporting movements as they seek to electoralize and build political power! It’s been a time of ambitious innovation and we have earned a reputation for nimbleness, clear thinking, and dedication.

Our members have built a solid, visionary, and engaged community that has become unstoppable! They are taking leadership in so many ways, and I feel extremely confident in the infrastructure we have built and in our shared commitment to move this crucial work forward over the next years. We have an incredible staff team who are dedicated, brilliant, and ready to expand our work. And I want to offer infinite gratitude to our Steering Committee and Co-Chairs who have all been incredibly supportive. It is an enormous blessing to know that the organization is in such good hands.

I will continue to be very active on the Steering Committee, as a member, and will continue to be involved in the work of Solidaire Action Fund and our new campaign, Way to Win. And I am sure I will get to work with many of you – our allies, partners, and co-conspirators – in the years ahead.

You can help us by reading the job description and taking a minute to think of people who might be a great next Executive Director of Solidaire (it might be you!). Please share this link with anyone you think might be a fit. We truly appreciate your help in building a great pool of applicants.


Leah Hunt-Hendrix, PhD
Co-Founder & Executive Director