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Our Members’ Solidarity in The Time of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Solidaire’s members are exercising mutual aid and solidarity in response to the COVID-19. This is a limited roundup of where we are involved directly and daily. We are constantly updating this list.   

General Mutual Aid Funds

Disability Justice

  • Immune Compromised People in Need (National)
    • A nationwide resource for immune compromised people to share their needs
  • Disability Justice Culture Club (SF Bay Area)
    • A mutual aid network led by 5 disabled queer and trans Black and Indigenous people of color resourcing disabled and/or unhoused people who need funds, supplies, and support in the Bay Area

Worker Solidarity 

Immigrant Solidarity 

Indigenous Solidarity

  • Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples’ Flicker Fund (International)
    • Direct grant support to stressed Indigenous communities worldwide on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, where some are already facing issues of hunger, lack of access to water, and unable to secure basic hygiene and material supplies needed for everyday life.
  • NDN Collective (National)
    • Indigenous grantmaking and movement-building organization raising $10 million dollars to redistribute to trusted indigenous community organizations across the US, and will also have a loan fund for small native businesses. 
  • Decolonizing Wealth Project’s Rapid Response Fund (National)
    • In partnership with Native Americans in Philanthropy and the National Urban Indian Family Coalition, a rapid response fund to provide emergency support for the most vulnerable Native American families and communities impacted by COVID-19. Primarily focused on moving funds through urban indigenous nonprofits who reach the majority of indigenous people in the US.
  • IEN COVID-19 Emergency Mutual Aid Fund (U.S. and Canada)
    • The Indigenous Environmental Network’s fund to quickly mobilize resources to frontline communities and groups that have a demonstrated need experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community-based Indigenous peoples and organizations from the U.S. and Canada (Central and South America on a case-by-case basis) are eligible to apply.
  • Four Winds American Indian Council (Denver)
    • Fund to support their drive-through food bank, with a focus on supporting the indigenous community in the Front Range area.

Prison Solidarity

  • Transitions Clinic Network (National)
    • Most of the people being released nationally due to COVID19 have chronic illnesses.  TCN is a national network of medical homes for individuals with chronic diseases recently released from incarceration in 11 states, paired with a formerly incarcerated community health worker as a part of their clinical team. 
  • TGI Justice Project (National)
    • Works with Black transgender current and former prisoners and will provide resources for people being released, money for people currently in prison to buy protective/hygiene gear, and housing and food for Black trans people who are homeless.
  • Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (National)
    • A prisoner-led union that fights for prison abolition and is urging for the release of highly vulnerable incarcerated people during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Give Directly: Canteen Support for Incarcerated People during COVID19 (National)
    • A former prisoner started this Facebook page where people with family members in prison can request direct financial support into their canteen to help them buy sanitation supplies.
  • Bonafide (National)
    • Meets people upon release at the prison gate and provides them with material necessities – like clothing, toiletries, and a cellphone- as well as emotional and logistical support, rides, etc.

Sex Worker Solidarity

International Solidarity 

Youth Solidarity

  • Loving Communities Response Fund (National)
    • Support for community-led, grassroots organizations who serve youth and families directly impacted by school closings, lost wages, and food insecurity, and are facing homelessness.  

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