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Solidaire Launches the Black Liberation Pooled Fund #LiberateWealth4BlackLives

Solidaire Network has launched the Black Liberation Pooled Fund, an opportunity for donors and foundations to step up in defense of Black lives. Right now, as people rise up around the globe for racial justice, we are in a unique moment to propel forward the work that Black-led organizers have been leading for years.  Through the fund, our goal is to move at least $5 million to this ecosystem of movement builders by August 31, 2020

Liberate Wealth for Black Lives – Now and For a Generation

At Solidaire, we believe that Black-led social change is not just about justice for Black communities, but about broad and deep societal transformation for all.  Since our inception, we have been in deep solidarity with Black organizing, working to coordinate deeper and longer-term resource mobilization for the movement ecosystem. Our Aligned Giving Strategy began as a response to the Movement for Black Lives demanding that the philanthropic sector fund this visionary movement courageously. Since the launch of AGS in 2016, Solidaire members have moved $5 million to the Black liberation movement ecosystem and an additional $2 million to Black innovation and organizing since 2013. 

A Call for Deeper and Bolder Investments

Now more than ever, philanthropy has a critical opportunity to step up in defense of Black lives. The national dialogue on structural racism has changed in a matter of weeks, and we have received requests from many donors and funders who would like to move money to the Black-led movement ecosystem. Through the Black Liberation Pooled Fund, Solidaire is pooling resources to allocate to the powerful ecosystem of Black-led social change organizations around that country. This ecosystem includes groups on our endorsed list, many of whom are key organizers within the Movement for Black Lives.

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it reflects how Solidaire has funded and built trusted partnerships with Black movement builders for the last seven years.  As always, we take our lead from Black movement leaders in determining the timing, size and allocation of grants.   

While Solidaire always encourages direct giving to grassroots groups throughout the United States, in many instances, our donor members and funders prefer to pool their resources through us for collective action and impact. Solidaire welcomes all donors and funders to use this pooled fund as a vehicle to support transformative Black leadership and grassroots organizing. Both (c)(3) and (c)(4) funding is welcome, with (c)(4) dollars having the most flexibility to deploy. 

Join Us

Let us show our deepest solidarity in this moment by going all in for Black Liberation. To learn more about the fund and to join us, please contact Jennifer Hu Corriggio, Director of Philanthropic Practice & Innovation at [email protected].

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