• Non-violent direct action needing support before, during, after
  • High-impact creative cultural or media intervention
  • An important gathering or conference being organized on a shoestring budget
  • Travel scholarships for a crucial gathering or action
  • A ballot initiative, get out the vote effort, candidate fight, or other C4 effort

To learn more about Solidaire’s take on the ethics and value of rapid response funding, check out the following article: Trust First to Act in Solidarity.

Solidaire’s rapid response process seeks to fund:

  • Truly urgent needs: needs that must be met within days or weeks of the request
  • Work led by the most directly impacted people working on the front lines of social change
  • Efforts that are organizing Black and Brown people and their allies at a variety of intersections
  • Grassroots efforts that build leadership capacity and community power

No. Solidaire is able to provide grants to C3, C4, and other vehicles.

Each request falls generally between $1K – $50K, though there is not a strict limit. Generally, requests receive between $5,000 to $15,000 in support from the community.

Our entire process generally runs about 6-7 weeks in total. Upon submission of the request, you will receive an initial confirmation of receipt email. Solidaire staff will follow up via email within 2 weeks to notify movement leaders whether their request has been approved or declined to be posted on the listserv to our members. From there on average, each request stays posted to the list 1-3 weeks. After a request has been closed, Solidaire staff will reach out with the final amount of the grant that has been raised.

Note: This process is for movement organizations seeking funding only. If you are a Solidaire member seeking to post a request, please reach out to the donor organizing team

If after thoroughly reading the above information and submitting a request you then have additional questions, please email: [email protected].