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Solidaire’s primary constituency is individuals with wealth who have the ability to move $50,000 or more in annual giving personally or through a family foundation and are aligned with and committed to our values.

We also recognize that this work does not happen in isolation with only individual donors, but with partners and allies in the larger movement philanthropy ecosystem. To that end, we welcome the participation and expertise of professional grant-making staff, many of whom have direct experience in organizing and movement building. We maintain foundation memberships for closely aligned foundation staff members who support movements in their work.

Membership dues go towards our pooled Movement R&D fund where we do collective activist-led grantmaking, community events and programming, and our operations. By becoming a member of Solidaire, you are joining a powerful community of resource organizers that are moving new and unprecedented amounts of solidarity and support to the frontlines of social justice. For information on dues and contributions, please reach out to Eugenia Lee, Senior Donor Organizer, at: [email protected].

We believe this work happens through standing in our power as resource mobilizers, relationship building and convening, deep political education, ongoing learning and collaborations, and experiential opportunities.

Get in touch! If you would like additional information about Solidaire Network, including funding inquiries or becoming a member, please contact us at: [email protected] with your name, inquiry, and contact information.

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