Agenda to Build Black Futures

July 14, 2016

These are resources from an organization we admire, Black Youth Project 100.  As they put it,

“America’s economic system has systematically failed Black communities for whole lifetimes with discriminatory policies; investment in policing, surveillance, incarceration; and chronic underinvestment in our livelihood. The Agenda to Build Black Futures is a set of economic goals and structural changes that could improve the lives of Black people living in America. We envision a more economically just society that values the lives and well-being of ALL Black people, including women, queer, and transgender folks, the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated as well as those who languish in the bottom 1% of the economic hierarchy. The Agenda to Build Black Futures is a call-to-action for everyone who is committed to Black liberation.”

The following are some of their resources that you may find useful:

Black Millenials in America

Agenda to Keep Us Safe

Agenda to Build Black Futures