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As a community, we understand that we are in a constant state of praxis of learning, taking action, reflecting, and continuing this cycle all the time. At the same time, it is critical that we have a collection of guiding principles and practices that we hold core throughout the entire network. We believe these principles and practices are key to creating shared alignment at Solidaire, and actively work to ensure that our community of staff, steering committee, and members live these out every day.

These principles and practices are meant to be ever-changing and evolving, and we commit to reflecting on them on a yearly basis. Some of these are practiced only sporadically at Solidaire while others are aspirational at best. However, we list these with the hope of understanding and committing to these key practices every day in our work to support movements and donor organizing work. We hope that over time, as a community, we can continue to deepen our praxis, get more rigorous about what it looks like, and continue to adjust it.


We believe that there is more than enough to go around, whether in terms of our finances, time, energy, joy, or lifting up one another’s successes. This especially means that as individuals with access to wealth and privilege, we share wealth, privilege, access, and resources with the understanding that there is an abundance of support in the world and that we have the flexibility to exercise more risk.


We are all in Solidaire because we strongly believe in collective liberation, and that we will only achieve this by being in community with others. No one person is too knowledgeable, too special, or too experienced to spend time in relationship with others. This is a key ingredient to our success and the success of movements.


We acknowledge that learning is a constant journey and that we all have something to teach. Even if we are among the most “seasoned” in a group, we value holding curiosity and nuance, and the possibility of having our analysis constantly adjusted and reshaped as we learn and reflect together.

On the other hand, we recognize that we all have unique gifts and strengths, and bring these as offerings to the community. Whether it’s an ability to practice deep listening, years of grantmaking experience, a sharp eye for copywriting, or on the ground organizing experience, we all have a responsibility to bring our gifts forward and actively look for opportunities to contribute freely and with kindness.


Following the lead of movements means not just giving representation and voice to movement leaders, but actual power. Whether it’s taking the responsibility to adapt to relational dynamics or processes that are different from what we understand or trusting leaders when they share challenges rather than questioning, we actively strive to center what movements teach and tell us.

We also understand that means being ready to have difficult conversations around accountability. 

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