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At Solidaire, we created the Aligned Giving Strategy (AGS) to coordinate deeper and longer term impact to a movement ecosystem.  

Our current Aligned Giving Strategy is focused on moving long-term financial resources to support the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL). We pledged to work in partnership with the movement to ensure that Black-led and Black-serving organizations building power in their communities have the financial resources they need to address the deep structural inequalities caused by the persistence of racism and anti-Blackness in the United States.  

AGS began as a response to the Movement for Black Lives demanding that the philanthropic sector fund this visionary movement in more bold and deep ways. Movement leaders  directed Solidaire members and staff to create a grantmaking process that focused on trusting the leadership and wisdom of the movement to determine its needs. What was created was a process that requires no reports and applications but on the contrary, deep trust and relationship building between Solidaire members and groups on the front lines organizing Black communities.  


Why Black-Led Social Change?

We believe that supporting Black-led social change is key to transforming systemic inequality. An historic movement like the M4BL requires historic philanthropic creativity. But we also know that less than 2 percent of funding by the nation’s largest foundations is specifically targeted to the Black community. Long term support to Black-led organizations means that we are sending a strong and clear message that we are working to repair the past and ongoing harms of society’s and philanthropy’s disinvestment from Black communities. 

We also understand that social change led by Black people advances racial and social justice for all people. The struggle for civil rights resulted in advancements for women, people with disabilities, immigrants and workers of all colors. Black-led social change forges alliances that propel broad and deep societal transformation. Through the Aligned Giving Strategy we are answering the call of Black communities demanding that philanthropy incurs risks and makes sacrifices to ensure that ALL Black Lives Matter.  



As co-designed by movement leaders, the current iteration of AGS aims to support the national anchor organizations of the Movement for Black Lives. Supporters can fund this movement ecosystem in four complimentary ways:

STRATEGY 1: Organizational Infrastructure

Provide direct general support to organizations in the M4BL ecosystem 

This strategy is prime for donors who are interested in a specific group’s work, or who would like to develop a deeper relationship with a group or groups over time through long-term general operating support. Donors in this strategy make an annual commitment for a minimum of five years to support and walk alongside organizations.

STRATEGY 2: Shared Movement Infrastructure

Invest in activist-led philanthropy to support shared needs 

Activists and organizers are uniquely situated to make smart and timely decisions about where resources should be directed. We also believe that they should have control over resources to invest in movement leadership and shared infrastructure to strengthen the movement across organizations.

STRATEGY 3: Economic Independence

Support models that work to achieve greater financial autonomy 

Organizations in M4BL leadership are striving for control of their own assets and to maintain diverse revenue streams that reduce reliance on foundations so they can be more accountable to their constituents and less subject to the whims of funders.

STRATEGY 4: Political Power

Build independent political power in place 

To solidify wins requires political power. The M4BL has changed public opinion, shifted culture, and unmasked to the American population the ongoing injustices heaped on Black communities. But the M4BL is also flexing political muscle to convert cultural changes into law and policy. 

AGS can support C3 and well as C4 organizing. There are over 20 groups that donors can support as a part of AGS. 

Some of these groups include:

  • Black Youth Project 100
  • Electoral Justice Project 
  • National Black Food and Justice Alliance 
  • UndocuBlack Network
  • Southerns on New Ground 
  • BlackOut Collective 
  • Media Justice 
  • Black Land and Power 
  • And more!

You can become an AGS donor as an individual or a foundation. We accept contributions of $5,000 or more, committed every year for a minimum of five years for a total of at least $25,000. Participants receive updates, webinars, briefings, meetings with movement leaders, and the chance to be a part of changing the long legacy of racism and anti-Blackness in philanthropy and throughout the United States.

Learn more about the work of the Movement for Black Lives and Black-Led Social Change Funding below:

M4BL 101/201:





In the coming months we will be expanding our work to support Black-led social change! We will be launching an updated plan to expand support to Black organizing in local communities as well as via our rapid response process.  We will also be seeking support to continue to fund the national anchor organizations of the Movement for Black Lives. 

To learn more about AGS, its history, current efforts and groups, future plans as well as to find out how to become a supporter of AGS, please contact Janis Rosheuvel: [email protected].

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